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Creating a Video Room has never been easier!

What is a Video Room?

It is like a big brother to your webcam but has more features. You may have heard the term ‘Zoom Room’ instead. ‘Video room’ indicates that it has more features than just Zoom. They are built in meeting spaces like conference/board rooms, huddle rooms and offices.

An example of a conference room turned into a professional looking video room, creating a collaborative space that allows you to hold Zoom, Skype and/or MS Teams calls using its large screen display, quality microphones and camera.

Network integration allows you to interface to your Google Calendar and/or Microsoft Exchange. Integration allows for easy scheduling, joining, and meeting management.

How Can Your Company Benefit From a Video Room?

You can gain the same or possibly higher productivity levels while allowing more employees to work partially or fully from home. Collaboration is key and is required anytime and anywhere, especially in these days of dispersed workplaces – workers don’t need to be in the same space at the same time. Remote workers can join a Video Room via video conference, and have access to shared desktops and workspaces like virtual whiteboards.

Never miss out on an opportunity to keep all team players on track throughout a project, and loop in anyone who cannot make it to the meeting. Hold inspiring brainstorming and ongoing project meetings using interactive whiteboards, make project notes and then save the screen as an image to send to everyone on the team.

Use video conferencing to hold team training meetings. Again, not everyone has to be there in person, which means you don’t have to delay any crucial training. Use the interactive whiteboards and screen sharing tools to take employees through the training process. Record the session and provide it to team members to have on-hand anytime, and incorporate it into the new hire onboarding process to make training more efficient.

How Can Your Company Get Started With a Video Room?

A start off solution can be installed for just a few thousand dollars. We have teamed with a fully qualified installations company who can take care of any electric work and physical installation requirements.

36-400 has delivered a growing number of video rooms, and they can design and provide a stress-free design to suit your budget – Call today to get collaborating and optimising your time!

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