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Do you need consistent and brand sensitive email signatures?

If you would like to have a consistent corporate brand image with your company-wide emails signatures and disclaimers, then a centrally managed signature management solution is what you need.

The power is in your hands to decide which users and emails get signatures and when. Apply different signatures to internal and external messages, selected senders, recipients or language groups. As consistency is the name of the game, you can include your details from your Azure Active Directory user properties, such as department, job title phone numbers and the like. These properties or even keywords in the subject or body of your email can also be used to trigger specific signature rules.

Decisions can also be made as to the best mode for your organisation, in terms of adding a signature in the cloud (after emails are sent), directly in Outlook as the users type or both. The signature managers also ensures that the consistent signature in inserted into all emails regardless of which device or email client they are sent from.

Would you like to get started?

We can get you going today with the world’s #1 signature management software, which includes a web HTML editor that provides what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience and gives you the ultimate flexibility to design a signature template to suit your needs. You do not need any HTML skills and there are dozens of professional, pre-designed templates that you can use and adapt. There is full support for images, banners, social media buttons and other graphics, that will enhance not just your professional look but also your email marketing, and customer feedback.

What next?

Please contact 36-400 and we can assist you with getting started with the #1 Email Signature Software with the highest G2 Satisfaction score (G2.com).

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